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Sonneteer colour options


Outside the standard colour options*, Sonneteer offer all their products in a range of colours and to special order. When a customer orders a Sonneteer Morpheus Server, for example, the aluminium for the main chassis block is then taken to be hand engraved by our local engraver. It is then sent on to be colour anodised to the colour chosen by the customer from the range of twelve on offer. In the mean time all the electronics will have been built and tested ready for assembly. Once fully built the unit is fully tested again and packaged ready to ship out to the customer.

Should the customer have a more specific need, like matching the unit to a specific colour on their furniture, then Sonneteer will be happy to work with them and the anodiser to achieve this as best possible.

The above process is similarly repeated across the range of Sonneteer products. The Sonneteer SedleyUSB is another typical example of a product which is specifically aimed at music lovers who love to listen through their vinyl recordings. The product can be set up to match specifically to the users record player and stylus cartridge which specification wise can vary considerably from make to make. If this information is made available then Sonneteer can set the SedleyUSB up from the factory to match the customers own.

Every Sonneteer product is built to order. Every single one is calibrated and listened to for a minimum of 24 hours prior to shipping. An Orton amplifier, for example, that is calibrated to work in the UK, a process that takes at least half a day typically, will need to be recalibrated to work properly in, say, the Netherlands or Switzerland.

Hand crafted in Britain since 1994.

*Sonneteer separates available with the ‘Classic’ Sonneteer Silver or Storm Black face plates as standard, no cost extra options. The Sonneteer Morpheus has a Black Chassis and silver frame and rear as standard. The Morpheus Server is made to special order only and is, hence, available in all colour options.

Storm, Black available as a standard option
Titanium, silver available to special order
The 'Classic' Sonneteer Silver, available as a standard option
Bordeaux, dark red available to special order
Ruby, bright red available to special order
Saffron, orange available to special order
Gold, option available to special order
Emerald, green option available to special order
Sky, light blue option available to special order
Savoy, blue option available to special order
lilac option available to special order
Bronze option avialable to special order
Bespoke Sonneteer hifi