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Classic hifi separates

Classic hifi

Sonneteer Byron CD player

Sonneteer was born of an age when High Fidelity separates components were considered the epitome of audio reproduction equipment for the home. From the very first outing of the first prototype amplifier which was to become the Campion integrated amplifier, Sonneteer have proven that they are the epitome of a manufacturer of the ilk. The age was also still one that was synonymous with high readership numbers for magazines like Electronics World, HiFi News and HiFi World. Some might even remember Sonneteer’s own Haider Bahrani’s scribblings in the latter. It is also said that Remo Casadei (the other Sonneteer founder) managed to sneak in an article or two in the technical pages while Haider was sunning himself somewhere hot with the [now] mother of his child.

Although this was already the age of computers, home entertainment  was still defined by the home central music system and at the higher quality end or luxury end of this was the British hifi separates system.Vinyl records, which have enjoyed a mini revival lately were still competing on a level with CDs (Compact Dics) for sales and compact cassettes were still the dominant audio recording medium. The year was 1994.

“I was right in the middle of a Master’s degree course at Imperial College and Remo was technical Director of a big set top box manufacturing and distribution company at the time. At weekends and in the evenings Remo (as I was stuck in a laboratory in West London) was getting my original quite messily built prototype into a production ready product. We then managed to somehow wangle a spot at the Heathrow Hi-Fi show, which was very big in those days and the rest just followed on from there.” an extract from Haider Bahrani’s Blog, Haiderway.