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How to buy

How to buy Sonneteer

To buy Sonneteer products you can purchase from our online Boutique.

Or we recommend you contact one of our approved representatives. In the UK they would be approved Sonneteer representative boutiques. Outside the UK we have a number of approved representatives worldwide. Please select your country from the list shown below.

Dealers in the UK please contact our agents NuNu Distribution. Tel: 0203 5442338 and email:

Approved Boutiques, UK


An approved Sonneteer Boutique is a shop or specialist with whom we have a good relationship with and who have a proven track record for good customer support and service. They will normally have a good knowledge of the Sonneteer product range and will, more often than not have a good selection of our products to demonstrate.


These are outlets we strongly recommend you purchase from, particularly if they are local to you as they will be your best and first port of call should you be in need of any support regarding your purchase.

Approved Representatives, World


Sonneteer approved representatives are our partners outside the UK. They are well versed in all that is Sonneteer and are on hand to help with all your support needs. They will guide you how to purchase Sonneteer hifi products in your country.

Sonneteer approved boutiques and representatives list:

Dealers with demonstration products have the On demo: Campion, Alabaster, Orton, Morpheus and Bard mark next to their name. Hover on this icon to see what they have available.

what's on demo at this dealer