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Invisible hifi

Invisible hifi

Can you tell the difference between these two living room scenes below? Hover over the second picture to see invisible hifi in position and ready for action.

Living room

Hovering over the image you should see Living room with Sonneteer Bard audio system in place a light coloured pod on the left side of the back shelf and a loudspeaker on the right. Out of view, there is a Bard amplifier plugged into the mains socket behind the sofa.

The pod on the shelf is a Bard transceiver which transmits or receives high quality, uncompressed sound broadcast in the house. The loudspeaker is connected to the Bard amplifier which receives high quality sound from the Bard pod. The quality is full CD bandwidth quality so nothing is lost on the way. Both the transmitter and the amplifier are Sonneteer designed so all the pleasure of a Sonneteer sounding hifi is gained.

At Sonneteer, when we talk invisible hifi we mean Bard. The Bard system means high quality hifi without the real estate footprint. With an amplifier so small that it fits in the palm of your hand it can be hidden behind the sofa. Because it uses digital technology, there is no concern about it getting hot. Also because of Sonneteer’s long standing experience and tradition of making digital amplifiers the performance of the Bard Amplifier (also known as the BardThree) is what you would expect from a Sonneteer amplifier regardless of size or shape. Sonneteers experience stretches a lot further than that. At Sonneteer we have been working with and developing wireless audio products for more than a decade now and Bard products have been enjoying wonderful reviews and winning awards ever since.

Back in 2005, What Hifi? said “Bard is a stroke of genius” and in 2006 The Absolute Sounds said (of the Bard Amplifier), “in fact, it comfortably compares with a variety of integrated amps and receivers in its price range” and went on to say that the Bard has a “vintage British BBC sound”. The Japanese Audiophile aficionados went one better and gave the Sonneteer bard system the Audio Excellence Award. All we can say is that we agree with Gramophone Magazine when they say, “The Bard Audio system is recommended without hesitation.”