Ear care by Sonneteer

The Audio Amplifier and more format Sauce.

The beating heart of any sound system is the amplifier. Its invention is attributed to the coming of the first triode123 valve at the turn of the twentieth century to make the first AM radios. Since, the audio amplifier has unassumingly featured in all electronics’ products that are sound making while the limelight [...]

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Sonneteer Campion crop front

Just think and speak volumes

Before the Sonneteer Campion came along demonstrating a hifi separates amplifier in a shop was quite simple. The dealer turns the volume control to about 11 o’clock on the dial and the amplifier performs to its optimum. The problem, once back home is that turn the volume knob too much past 12 o’clock and the [...]

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The Sonnet Ear

The Ear and other body parts.

The human ear is exceptionally sensitive and so responds to tiniest change in pressure in the airwaves. To give you an idea in numbers, the human ear threshold of hearing is less than one billionth of atmospheric pressure 1. Added to that the huge dynamic range we have it’s difficult to understand when some people [...]

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News feature

News feature: Digital Party like it’s 1999

Memories of 1999 when the Sonneteer Bronte ‘digital’ amplifier first took shape, came rushing back when we took a call recently, here at Sonneteer mansions, from our friends at Doug Brady Hi-fi. They have on sale a rare specimen of said amp’. It’s a former demonstrator model of ours which has been in the hands of [...]

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Tearing it all apart.
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti

Tearing it all apart: Reference recordings

When CD first came about alongside the hails of crackle free and clarity you could also hear the moans of how the sound is just too bright or too harsh. Often this was due to the poor process of the transfer from an analogue master to a digital medium or simply poor early day digital [...]

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21 Years Under the Pink

21 years Under the Pink with Sonneteer.

“Tears on the sleeve of a man Don’t wanna be a boy today..” follows a signature Tori Amos Piano introduction, ‘Pretty Good Year’, starts the album off, stripped down to the bare beauty of Tori’s voice and piano. Our anticipation hangs off every lyric for the next as each note carries us like a mother [...]

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Over black coffee
over black coffee

The Evangelists: Part 1

We all live or die in business by our reputation. Here at Sonneteer we are certainly no different. We are human and will always have the odd off day. We all know the day when sleep didn’t visit us much the night before and breakfast was left behind as the kids chased us out of [...]

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We do, people talk
Eye care by Sonneteer

We do, they talk: The Evangelists Part 2.

“Right away I sensed there was something special happening.”

“probably the most musical gear I’ve had come through my music room in recent memory.”

“…stroke of genius”

“enjoying the music – as it should be!”

“The build, fit and finish is exceptional revealing layers of detail I’d not tuned into before.”

“absolutely musical and organic sounding. Pulls you into listening [...]

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A little bit of Basil
Basil-Image courtesy of James Barker at

Format Pesto

With music sales in overall decline I find myself wondering about what format are people listing to music on today and, probably more importantly, what will it be in the future? Will it be digital via streaming and downloads etc.or physical CD, vinyl or some other touchable format?

Looking at music sales today the [...]

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