Weight for it. Kitchen amp from Sonneteer measures your pasta too.

Salter scalesHere at Sonneteer we have noted how there has been a trend of designing amplifiers or hifi components that look a little like chic kitchen appliances. More particularly, flat, food weighing scales. Similar to the ones Salter have made their mark with. We are not overly surprised as kitchen gadgets and cookers etc. have been adopting the looks of stylish electronics from other parts of our lives for a while now. It was only reasonable to expect some designers to claim the look back for the living room. So we thought we would get on the bandwagon, sort of.

It all started with a chance meeting in a bar. After a heavy days designing, the Sonneteer founders, Haider Bahrani and Remo Casadei while downing a swift merlot in central Guildford they chanced upon a one Avril Loof who over heard their conversation about a new product. Now Avril had claimed to be a former designer at Salter and had an interesting suggestion. As the kitchen has been a place where a lot of us like to listen to music (I certainly like to dice carrots to a beat) it has too been poorly served with quality music playback equipment. The other problem of course is, space is often at a premium. So the suggestion was, why not combine two products, the music player and a food scales?knapkin AF1 Sonneteer weighing scale

Ms Loof, at this point, had placed two more battles of wine on the table, some paper napkins and a pen. So they set about drawing. The new product is said to be near completion and is said to be an all singing all dancing ‘Salter-esque’ looking music player, amplifier and scales. There have also been rumours of an app that links to your music and recipes in the cloud.draft AF1 scales

We have managed to get someone to leak a couple of images of the work in progress, as seen here. We also tried to get a couple of words from the chaps, particularly about that evening and Ms Loof, but Haider and Remo said it was all a bit of a haze. We also contacted Salter to ask about Avril Loof, but they seemed to deny all knowledge.