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Modern luxury

Modern luxury
Sonneteer Morpheus System at home

Sonneteer may have started producing high performance and highly regarded hi-fi separates in keeping with the tradition of British hi-fi, but they also always had an eye on progressing their art. Even their first product, the Campion had one or two tricks under the bonnet that simplified design and improved sonic performance.

More obviously, though, were their pioneering escapades into the lands of digital amplification, with the Bronte amplifier, and high definition wireless sound transmission, with the Sonneteer Bard system. The latter of these also included a hi-fi amplifier of similar performance to their original Campion that fits in the palm of an average human hand. These products as well as being technological pioneers had praise heaped upon them for their sound quality by at minimum matching the performance of their peers and at best surpassing them. The Bronte amplifier for example was given accolade of ‘Editors Choice’ product of the year from the high brow Gramophone magazine in 1999. The Bard system was also given high praise by said publication as well as being hailed ‘Genius’ by What hi-fi and much more by the likes of Absolute Sound, Stereophile and so on.

More recent times have also seen Sonneteer take the lead amongst the high end hi-fi brotherhood by launching a truly modern music system with the Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre and Server. This taking Sonneteer from traditional hi-fi separates to modern luxury music systems that maintain the original ethos of pure sonic performance whilst delivering the latest music playback technologies. All these in an easy to use and beautifully crafted unit. Sound Technology delivery systems made simple.

Sonneteer over the years have blazed the trail for all others to follow. This is why Sonneteer are often copied, but never bettered.