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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Sonneteer fly the British colours and many others at the Venetian Las Vegas this CES

The annual pilgrimage to CES takes place again this January and as all the major players in the Consumer Electronics Industry squeeze into buses, trains and planes, Sonneteer too take to the skys.

Showing off at the Venetian Hotel suite 29-310 from January 7th through to the 10th Sonneteer will have set up the mock renaissance room to look like a typical apartment with a luxury home entertainment system gracing it’s living and dinning room areas.

The designers, Remo Casadei and Haider Bahrani will be on hand to take questions, demonstrate the performance and even share the Las Vegas hospitality. The Sonneteer Morpheus will be on show and their recently announced range of colours will be vividly on display. New will be the eagerly anticipated Morpheus Server which will be announced properly on these news pages shortly as the razzmatazz of the show is in full voice.

Sharing the stage with Sonneteer this year will be Penaudio who are very much partners in the industry as they often share design expertise, marketing platforms and the odd vodka.

Penaudio themselves will be launching the next generation of their Ambient range as they adopt a higher end stance akin to their sister range, the famed Classic Penaudios. For more goto

Shown here are the Chronos loudspeaker which are available in a range of colours and wood finishes. The designer, Sami Pentilla voiced these using Sonneteer amplifiers such as the Alabaster and the Orton. Both of which grace Panaudio mansions.

“Customers can now enjoy a system from both Sonneteer and Penaudio and have the whole thing delivered in the colour of their choice” said Haider Bahrani in conversation with our editor. He was also reminded by Remo[Casadei] that “If customers have any interesting requirements then we can sit down with them and see how we can best meet their needs”. He was, of course, referring to the numerous colour possibilities on tap for the products.

AV Mentor of Greece get dreamy with the Morpheus from Sonneteer.

“Recommended without reservation.” is the last thing Dimitris Stamatakos  wrote in his recent review of the Sonneteer Morpheus music centre. We are offering you the translation, of course, as AV Mentor are a Greek publication and the full review in its original language can be found at:

Need less to say, the reviewer, who’s first encounter with the Sonneteer device was at the last CES in Las Vegas, January 2009. The team at Sonneteer will be hoping to thank him in person for his kind words, this coming January where they will be showing again at the Venetian Hotel Suite 29-310.

Sonneteer are distributed in Greece by Aquarius HiFi

?quarius HiFi, tel: 210-883.4718, 

We have linked to translated pages into English, using Google translate, of the review here below, pages 1 to 5: reviewP1.htm reviewP2.htm reviewP3.htm reviewP4.htm reviewP5.htm

For all other languages please goto Google translater at
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Author of the diSegno Blog and Designer at Sonneteer will be at Selfridge’s over Christmas weekend.

Remo Casadei the author of the deSegno blog and one of Sonneteer’s main designers will be holding fort at Selfridge’s for the Christmas weekend. He will be there ready to answer questions and present the machinations of the Sonneteer Morpheus in its full glory.

Sonneteer have had someone in residence at Selfridge’s for the afternoons of every weekend in December to help, and inform and generally pose with the Morpheus as customers of the luxury store take a fancy to it.