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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Sonneteer meets with High End Society in Munich

May 6th to 10th 2010 Sonneteer will be in attendance at the MOC Munich for the High End Society of Germany’s Show.

Alongside their Distribution partners in Germany, Audium, Sonneteer will have their Award winning Morpheus Music Centre and Server both on display along side an array of colour handsets showing off their Bespoke offerings.

Sonneteer have invited all who attend to come and say hello. Haider Bahrani will be there, Halle 3, Stand E07-F06 at the MOC, to take questions during the day and sample the local beer so he can review them for his blog!

Sonneteer make modern and traditional luxury music systems for people who love listening to music. Hand made in Britain since 1994.

And a word from our sponsor. Sonneteer and AUPEO hold hands!

AUPEO! on your Morpheus music centre from Sonneteer

Today we want to announce a new collaboration with Sonneteer´s latest device, Morpheus.

Since 2008, AUPEO! has been available on Reciva-powered Internet Radio receivers and networked devices (Visit our hardware page for an updated list of all the devices that support AUPEO! and register yours now!)

The Morpheus music center from Sonneteer brings together the quality and convenience of modern technology and the ethos of traditional high-end audio all in one beautifully crafted piece of equipment; a feast for both eyes and ears.

What it does: Music has now found its home on computer hard drives, personal digital music players (mp3 or iPod), memory sticks, mobile telephones and the internet. The Morpheus brings it all into the living room and plays it back with all the musical quality for which Sonneteerproducts are renowned. Top that off with 16000+ internet radio stations and 23000+ on-demand programs and the Morpheus truly has and does it all.

The Morpheus features an internal Sonneteer and a 100 watt amplifier, so all you need to make music in your living room is a Morpheus and a pair of loudspeakers.

About Sonneteer: Since 1994, Sonneteer have epitomised the best in high quality, high technology hi-fi. Their in-house design and development team have attracted global praise for their products recently including 4 technology awards from Japan – the hotbed of high-tech. Sonneteer are also known for pioneering the adoption of new technologies into the luxury audio market. The Bronte digital amplifier in 1999 and the Bard audio wireless solutions in the early 2000s, to name but two examples, blazed the trails that many would follow.

AUPEO! Basic is free for all Morpheus owners allowing every user to become the director of their own musical program. You can rate a track (love or ban) while listening  to build your musical profile, listen to music that perfectly suits how you’re feeling with the AUPEO! Mood Station or simply listen to the station of your favorite artist and let us recommend similar ones to you.

You can also subscribe to AUPEO! Premium and have all the features described above plus much more: higher stream quality, access to ourmore than 80 AUPEO! Stations and other advantages that are sure to enhance your listening experience.

H2 Remote: Sonneteer goes even greener with generation 2 Morpheus remote.

Not happy with the original Morpheus remote with Lithium-Polymer battery that  only requires topping up once a year, the brainiacs at Sonneteer have now gone even further with their generation 2 remote, which requires topping up, as an average, 4 times a year… Hmmm… but isn’t that 4 times more energy required? Well if you look at the picture of the prototype carefully you will notice that Sonneteer have taken the true meaning of “topping up” as the generation 2 remote only requires topping up with water… hence the name H2 Remote.

Unlike some previous attempts of using water to power electronics by means of electrolysis, the new Sonneteer Morpheus remote uses a nano hydrogen fuel cell made only possible in colaboration with Precision Micro Limited, UK’s leading electro-chemical etching specialist in fuel cell hardware. The new fuel cell mesh is now at molecular level producing previously unattainable efficiency from only 1ml of water.

Although only in prototype form, enginneers at Sonneteer believes the remote will hopefully be in production just before summer, in time for the water hose ban UK suffers regularly between July and September. Even if you are out of water, the remote can be powered with other forms of liquid such as sweat or tears, so play that emotional love song and get recharged!

Retail prices are not yet confirmed but from early indication the remote will be avaiable as an option at £1350- including a 99ml bottle of de-ionised water (enough to refill the remote for about 25 years) and just small enough to carry onboard a plane under the current aviation laws.

For hotter countries a slighty longer version will be available with extra water carrying capacity, code named the “Camote”.

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