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Monthly Archives: August 2010

HiFi Review of Hong Kong love faithful Morpheus.

hifireview-hongkong“The Morpheus Music Centre [from Sonneteer] will move you from the very first instant. This is not just a high technology laden piece of equipment, but clearly one created to bring music to life.” As translated by our in house Chinese speaking gentleman, Remo Casadei and as published in issue 290 of HiFi Review from Hong Kong. They went on to say, ” If you like delicate detail, faithfully reproduced combined with ideal musicality then I can say the British made Sonneteer Morpheus will not disappoint one bit. In fact it will bring you unexpected joy”.

From these snippets and many others like this that proclaim the Sonneteer’s “high end hi-fi level of performance” and “Premium sound quality” we can safely say that the reviewer, Winson Ng, was taken with the it. We wish to thank our partners, East Group in Hong Kong for arranging and forwarding the review.