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Monthly Archives: October 2010

AV-NU, Utrecht Sonneteer and Penaudio with Riverside Audio on show

AV-NU logoSonneteer with Riverside Audio of the Netherlands are currently on show at the AV-NU 2010 exhibition in Utrecht. With their long term showing partners Penaudio loudspeakers of Finland, high brow British luxury brand Sonneteer have their full contingent of Classic and luxury lifestyle products in residence for the full duration of this Audio Visual extravaganza. Remo Casadei of Sonneteer and Erik Ubels of Riverside are on hand to deliver knowledge and advice derived from their extreme wealth of expertise in design, ergonomics and electronics.

Squeezing in to the show room.The first two days of the show have been exceptionally well attended and dedicated to both trade visitors and public.Stacks of lovely stuffIf you are interested in the machinations of a phase locked loop of would simply like to find out how a Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre would look hanging on your wall or on the sideboard in your living room. Then Remo and Erik will be on hand to help.

For the first time in the Netherlands the full colour range now on offer from Sonnteer are on show. These are available to order on any of the Sonneteer range of products be it the Morpheus Music Centre, Server or Classic Amplifier, phono stage or CD player.Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre and Server and Penaudio Loudspeakers.
Also on show is the New Morpheus Server and CD Ripper from Sonneteer. Remo, the chief designer on this particular products is on hand to proudly boast about his engineering tricks that rendered this,  three Terra byte storage Behemoth, silent in operation and beautiful to see. It also rips a CD and stores in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.Quality under glass

Riverside Audio have represented Sonneteer in the Netherlands since the launch of the Morpheus Music Centre. Riverside are Picking up the baton from the previous safe keepers as Sonneteer have been ever present and popular in the Netherlands since the mid 1990s. Sonneteer’s fame was established with the Campion and Alabaster purist British, solid state amplifiers of which Erik became the proud owner of a few. You could say, he liked it so much he wanted to represent the company.

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