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ISE 2011, RAI Amsterdam. Listen, touch, play.

Integrated Systems Europe 1F100 the stand at which you will find Sonneteer this year at the ISE at the RAI Amsterdam, February 1st to 3rd. British flags will be fluttering as the show’s highlight will be part of the UK pavilion, which despite the heavy cuts that were so clearly evident of the UKTi at CES, this one sneaked through the funding blockade.

As such, Sonneteer will be proudly showing off the best of British design and handy work (yes they are still made in the UK) with the Morpheus to be perched on its beautifully crafted stand feeding off the server and the internet in multicolour.

We hope to bring you reports on events back from the show.
Press information

Days 3 & 4 CES 2011

Vegas Breakfast at the AriaAs we got into the swing of things it became obviously wise to start the long days at CES with a hearty breakfast as the Sonneteer room was often overrun with folk and none more so than at lunch time.

On the Saturday the madness continued with notably a large number of end users trawling the floors of the show. As a trade show this is, of course, not strictly expected, but we were more than happy to oblige future customers.Sonneteer Morpheus with Serenades
The final day of the show is traditionally when the exhibitors get a chance to walk around for themselves and becomes more of an industry love in, so to speak. Most of the show visitors are at the airport or driving home across the desert ready to sip their black coffee on a Monday morning.
The show next year, we are advised, will be an all mid week affair.

CES REPORT: Days 1 & 2 Sonneteer Serving the News waves

Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre and Server at CES2011As the rest of the electronics industry pops its tablets and shades off its 3D hang over, some small corners of the CES show were quietly revolutionising the way people live. No exception to this are Sonneteer who were on hand with their Music Centre now fully bluetoothed, Ipodded and Androided and sitting on a beautiful stand and potentially hanging out on walls. Days 1 and 2 were briskly attended by the trade and press alike and through these pages we will be linking you through to numerous blogs and news items posted.

As well as Bluetooth and a brand new stand, Sonneteer were showing off an iPod Touch controlling the two systems on display. The New Reciva Remote, developed in conjunction with Sonneteer’s partners in streaming, Reciva of Cambridge and which boasts the same software engine of the Morpheus can, by definition, control every function on the unit including the tens of thousands of radio stations and allows you to assign presets as well as showing off

Album art and creating play lists. No matter how many Sonneteer Morpheus you have in your home or how many servers, the remote will access and control them all from the palm of your hand. Traditionalists can, of course, use the solid aluminium remote control that comes with the Morpheus as standard.