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Sonneteer pulling the electric Car industry by the wheels!

Not contented with their industry leading products in the hi-fi sector, British Luxury brand and sound specialists, Sonneteer have transferred their expertise to the fledgeling electric car industry. Sonneteer have pioneered the field of high spec’ audio in adopting digital amplifier technology from as far back as the 1990’s whilst everyone one else were still debating the topological merits of super carbon hungry single ended class A. This was also the time when Sonneteer first considered the idea of putting their amplifier know how in to auto motive use. This was driven largely by Sonneteer’s Technical director Remo Casadei, a bit of a car Junky himself who has recently cross pollinated his petrol head brain with that of a green fuels fanatics’.

All this brings us to today with lab results finally showing that it can be done and the launch of the first working prototype. Sonneteer hope to secure governmental backing to take their developments to the next stage with a hope to seeing this British bred innovation in the likes of the Nissan Leaf and the Rolls Royce Phantom.April 1-2

Some of you may also recall Sonneteer H2O remote controller. This technology is also being harnessed to drive the amplifier they are using which is a derivation of the same amplifier used in both the Bard amplifier(known to some as the Bard 3) and the mono blocks used inside the Morpheus Music Centre. Sonneteer Director and designer of the original Campion amplifier, Haider Bahrani was quoted to say “Combining these two technologies already adopted in our audio designs and transferring them to automotive products has not turned out to be that difficult as a lot of the principles of control are the same. Audiophiles want the perfect sound and Autoheads want the perfect drive. It’s really how you control the power source to give you just that. We’ve been perfecting this for years.” In many of the Sonneteer literature handouts we are given from time to time a little tag line often appears at the bottom in very small type face; Often copied, never bettered. Perhaps it should be written in big bold letters in future?!