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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Updated: Sonneteer goes Manga with Naoki Urasawa’s LP mania at the ‘Analog School’

Renown Japanese Manga Artist, Naoki Urasawa and a host of Analogue audio products including the twice Japanese Audio Excellence Award winner the  British made Sonneteer Sedley phono pre-amplifier attended an evening of song and conversation hosted by the music producer Kouji Wakui. Better known for his Manga works of Yawara, Monster, Master Keaton and 20th Century Boys amongst others Urasawa is also affectionately known amongst our Japanese friends as an LP maniac. An early October weekend gathering of analogue enthusiasts, a guitar or two and an icon made for a perfect outing for music lovers and vinyl aficionados. The event was called ‘Analog school’.    They did indeed use the american spelling to match the magazine cover shown in the picture . With Naoki Urasawa as the guest star (alongside the Sonneteer Sedley of course) Kouji Wakui hosted an evening talking about LPs and the sound quality of pressings down the ages with live music interludes by the Band Hilly Han Han.

The Sonneteer Sedley phono stage pre-amplifier which sits between your record player and your hifi system, winner of the top audio award from Japan in both 2006 and 2008 has become an icon of analogue audio reproduction globally and has been clearly taken to the hearts of the music lovers of Japan.

Thank you to Kyoji Arai of Allegro, Japan for the information in this report.

Legal downloads from Sonneteer

It may not be quite in the league of Brad Pitt dates horse or Obama’s re-election campaign, but the Sonneteer website is now fully loaded with downloadable information about all the products. We’ve put them in two places. You can find them either on the specific product page under the Download tab or on the Support page. There you will find product information sheets as well as user manual and start up guides where appropriate. You will require a PDF reader to read these files.

The ‘Download’ tab can be found at the bottom right corner of each product page. Right next to the ‘Buy’ tab. ‘We plan on expanding these area to include a wealth of information including help articles, reviews and product photography. All are made available free and to use as support information for Sonneteer products. Copywrite remains with Sonneteer.

The Sonneteer News recommends the Orton, Morpheus Music Centre and SedleyUSB information sheets as essential bed time reading. While your partner is wired into ’50 shades of grey’ behind their FT Magazine you could be knowledgeing up on dual mono, streaming and cartridge loading.  each information sheet includes a picture of the product alongside some description as well as a list of product features. We know it just doesn’t get that much better.