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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Analog Japan Sedley in deep Review

Sedley review JapanOne of Japan’s top Audio magazines has yet again made it’s view of our products be clearly known. The Sedley phono stage which should be appended to any self respecting record player is reviewed in the Spring edition of Analog magazine. We have tried to capture the essence of their poetry in the translation. It’s all good. Please read on:

“Like the typical British audio electronics this machine has a Gentlemanly sound. It won’t wake you up with over fresh brightness. At normal sound levels there is a great deal of depth. With Jazz music the beauty of the harmony stood out with depth not achievable with other products. In Classical music the intensity of the musicality and the separation stood together. Even the big orchestra can be heard with every small detail which is not true of every other high end model. This is a machine of very high musicality.”

The Sonneteer Sedley in both its standard and USB formats is already the recipient of multiple top audio awards from our friends in Japan. We extend our gratitude to them for these kind words.