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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Hard Rocking into 2014 Sonneteer Burns off the opposition in Japan.


Burn magazin Sonneteer Sedley review

Having enjoyed the the gratifying pleasure of the prose in many a Japanese publication we at Sonneteer have more than warmed to the Audiophiles and music lovers of Japan. It was a bit of a surprise though when our partners in Tokyo, Allegro, sent us a copy of the hard rock Magazine BURN. They have been reviewing a number of Audio DACs (Digital to Analogue Converters) and somehow the Sonneteer SedleyUSB landed in their laps. We are more than happy it did so too.

To quote: “I would like to very much recommend  is a little expensive product called Sedley from Sonneteer. I’ve tried all the products most if not all the products sold in Japan , but the Sedley has by far the best sound quality of all.. Very much recommended even a bit expensive.”

The SedleyUSB was reviewed along side a host of well known brands including Luxman, Pioneer and Furutech ADL. All showing off their best wears and teh Sedley was shown running far ahead of the bunch.

Disco inferno indeed.