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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Sonneteer Sedley, the HiFi Choice.

HIFI CHOICED SedleyFeb2015 image1 You may have missed it and we nearly did, but the Sonneteer Sedley had another stunning review recently. This time it was HiFi Choice of the UK’s turn. The Sedley in its full USB version was in their hands, but their focus was on vinyl record playback in comparison with one or two others on the market.

“Unboxing it, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve been sent a hefty power amp by mistake…Build quality is very impressive, especially considering Sonneteer’s price tag.”, they started. “the Sedley is a very level headed performer that seems unruffled by what ever you throw at it.”. A bit school report like, but as parents we are proud of that.

Getting more serious with the music they went on, “On Asgeir Trausti’s Lyndarmal Keyboard notes extend from the soundstage and hang in the air with natural grace.” Now that’s what we call a Sonneteer. “Bass is well rounded and without the bloom of the Edwards phono stage and yet more substantial than that of the pro-ject.” and as nature intended.

Then even more serious, “Configured to MC mode…the Sedley really excels as the soundstage and instruments within it gain more weight….which makes some of the budget phono stages on test sound somewhat hollow in comparison.”

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