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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Go North West, for Sonneteer at another Audio Show.

North West Audio ShowIf you are in the vicinity of Carnage Hall Cheshire on the 28th of June then please pop over and listen to some great music sounding at its best. Yes indeed, Hosted by NuNu Distribution, their UK partners, Sonneteer of Surrey(also in the UK) will be there with their beautifully looking and sounding systems to delight your aural senses. Apart from the beautiful setting, the great sound, and lovely people, the best thing about it all is it’s free. So please come along to hear the Alabasters and Ortons singing and the Sedleys dancing to the best tunes put to record.

For more information on the show please go to Audio Show and for more about Sonneteer please visit our website

Analogue Audio, still big in Japan 2015 with Sonneteer.

AAF-logoThe Analogue Sound is carving out a big niche for itself globally, claiming back some territory in the now highly confused digital audio space. While the rest of the world decides if it’s streaming, downloading, or optical disc-ingKIMG0080 the music loving world is still dancing to the sounds of spinning Vinyl. The good ol’ fashioned Audio Fair is definitely back in Vogue and no more so than in Tokyo. June 13 and 14, 2015 showed that audio enthusiast are still willing to attend events in their thousands. More importantly to us our partner in Japan, Allegro with Mr Kyoji Arai decided to take the Sonneteer range along. The Sonneteer Alabaster amplifier and Sedley phono stage, famously a dual Audio Excellence award winner in the land of the rising sun, both graced the ears of the attending crowds. For more information please go to Analogue Audio Fair Tokyo and if your Japanese is no better than mine then Google translate does a great job for you.(It worked automatically on our Chrome browser).