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Analogue Audio, still big in Japan 2015 with Sonneteer.

AAF-logoThe Analogue Sound is carving out a big niche for itself globally, claiming back some territory in the now highly confused digital audio space. While the rest of the world decides if it’s streaming, downloading, or optical disc-ingKIMG0080 the music loving world is still dancing to the sounds of spinning Vinyl. The good ol’ fashioned Audio Fair is definitely back in Vogue and no more so than in Tokyo. June 13 and 14, 2015 showed that audio enthusiast are still willing to attend events in their thousands. More importantly to us our partner in Japan, Allegro with Mr Kyoji Arai decided to take the Sonneteer range along. The Sonneteer Alabaster amplifier and Sedley phono stage, famously a dual Audio Excellence award winner in the land of the rising sun, both graced the ears of the attending crowds. For more information please go to Analogue Audio Fair Tokyo and if your Japanese is no better than mine then Google translate does a great job for you.(It worked automatically on our Chrome browser).

And it shows Sonneteer in Tokyo and Horten (Norway)

Show 2014 Sonneteer Orton

Horten hears an Orton

To catch up on a couple of recent events in  our calendar, October saw two Sonneteer hifi attended shows happening at the same weekend. Though over the years at Sonneteer we have won as many awards in Japan for our digital products as analogue this year the latter took centre stage. Winner of two Audio Excellence Awards, the Sedley phono stage alongside the latest incarnation of the legendary Alabaster amplifier. We were again hosted by Kyoji Arai of Allegro. With analogue recordings‘ sales at their two decade peek 1 and the Alabaster now adopting an internal phono stage as standard, the purist form of audio is clearly very much not ignored at Sonneteer.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome  Hagto Audio 2 of Norway to the Sonneteer family. They started with a Show in  Horten showing off the Orton as shown playing with a pair of Harbeth SHL5plus loudspeakers, a brand Hagto also represents and one with which Sonneteer customers have a long association with.


Hard Rocking into 2014 Sonneteer Burns off the opposition in Japan.


Burn magazin Sonneteer Sedley review

Having enjoyed the the gratifying pleasure of the prose in many a Japanese publication we at Sonneteer have more than warmed to the Audiophiles and music lovers of Japan. It was a bit of a surprise though when our partners in Tokyo, Allegro, sent us a copy of the hard rock Magazine BURN. They have been reviewing a number of Audio DACs (Digital to Analogue Converters) and somehow the Sonneteer SedleyUSB landed in their laps. We are more than happy it did so too.

To quote: “I would like to very much recommend  is a little expensive product called Sedley from Sonneteer. I’ve tried all the products most if not all the products sold in Japan , but the Sedley has by far the best sound quality of all.. Very much recommended even a bit expensive.”

The SedleyUSB was reviewed along side a host of well known brands including Luxman, Pioneer and Furutech ADL. All showing off their best wears and teh Sedley was shown running far ahead of the bunch.

Disco inferno indeed.

Sonneteer of Britain, still big in Japan with Allegro, Visual Grand Prix and Audio Basic.

Audio Basic magazine Spring 2012.

If the Visual Grand Prix award wasn’t enough this year then the Audio Basic review of the Sonneteer Bronte CD player alongside the Campion amplifier has certainly filled us up with the tastiest pudding.

Yes indeed! Following on from the Audio Excellence Awards in multiple for Sonneteer hifi in recent years the Bronte silver disk player has picked up another gong.  As was the case with the Morpheus Music Centre before it. It seems a customer put it up for nomination they were so enamoured.

Did I say full earlier? Well nothing to get in the way of the after dinner drinks and mints. Audio Basic were happy to enjoy the post nosh entertainment with a tipple and I quote, “[On the Campion amplifier and Bronte CD player]..these machines are the objects of craftwork. Comparable to drinking single malt whisky, straight. You can enjoy the high quality sound without colouration. A person who likes this is one who is a considerable lover of music and sound.”


Shows and buses

We wait for shows all year and suddenly they are happening everywhere. Sonneteer have as good as been on a world tour in the last couple of weeks and it looks to be going on through the spring.

The Audio Festa in Nagoya, Japan hosted Sonneteer represented by Allegro and their head man Kyoji Arai. He had the Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre and Server on show as well as the Sedley phono stage both of which have had recent award success in the land of the rising Sun.

Sonneteer have also recently been exposed or shown off, should we say, at Axpona in Jacksonville Florida. May Audio Marketing of New York state with Nizar Akhrass at its helm have been faithfully preaching the virtues of hi-fi utopia to the masses for more than 30 years now. The Sonneteer gospel has been a strong component of their sermons for many a year now. They too see the Sonneteer Morpheus Music centre and Server as the guiding light on the path to aural paradise for all music lovers.