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Sonneteer of Britain, still big in Japan with Allegro, Visual Grand Prix and Audio Basic.

Audio Basic magazine Spring 2012.

If the Visual Grand Prix award wasn’t enough this year then the Audio Basic review of the Sonneteer Bronte CD player alongside the Campion amplifier has certainly filled us up with the tastiest pudding.

Yes indeed! Following on from the Audio Excellence Awards in multiple for Sonneteer hifi in recent years the Bronte silver disk player has picked up another gong.  As was the case with the Morpheus Music Centre before it. It seems a customer put it up for nomination they were so enamoured.

Did I say full earlier? Well nothing to get in the way of the after dinner drinks and mints. Audio Basic were happy to enjoy the post nosh entertainment with a tipple and I quote, “[On the Campion amplifier and Bronte CD player]..these machines are the objects of craftwork. Comparable to drinking single malt whisky, straight. You can enjoy the high quality sound without colouration. A person who likes this is one who is a considerable lover of music and sound.”