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Doug Brady HiFi

Sonneteer the HiFi Choice at Doug Brady’s

hifichoicelogoOpen the June issue of HiFi Choice Magazine (yes it’s may and they are already on the shelves) and turn to pages 90 and ‘The Brady Bunch’ are waxing lyrical with the ‘Choice’.  In keeping with our own day spent at  Warrington’s hifi specialists it seems HiFi Choice were made very welcome and left smiling and brimming with confidence that hifi retail is alive and well.

What has kept us smiling is the fact that Sonneteer were well represented in the article and in a very positive way. In fact they came away saying that ‘Sonneteer enjoys a slightly lower profile than some of the other British Audio brands, but looking at the Byron, it is not easy to see why’. A clear statement that we need shout louder. It seems we impressed in both performance, aesthetics and build quality.  we are happy to concur with the point of view.

Meet the Designer at Doug Brady Hi-Fi 20/03/2013

Doug Brady Hi-Fi of Warrington are having a meet the designer day with Sonneteer’s very own Haider Bahrani showing up. Doughnuts and coffee are on offer. One imagines they will also have tea for the more discerning palate.

World famous Doug Brady Hi-Fi was born in the late 1950’s at the same time as Turntables, Vinyl and The Beatles in Liverpool, Great Britain. This Cultural Revolution with Liverpool at the centre, heralded the very first ‘Brady’ shop in Smithdown Road, Liverpool.

It was the start of something amazing and as word got around, turntable sales rocketed. Success soon followed with a flag ship store launched in Covent Garden London. Founder Douglas Brady had a passion for all things music and was instrumental in establishing some of the UK’s finest ‘High Fidelity’ audio electronic and turntable brands such as Naim, Rega and Chord. Today, in the same vein, they are very much part of the Sonneteer story.

In the early 1980’s the business moved to a more central location half way between Manchester and Liverpool at Kingsway North, Warrington, Cheshire and that’s where we are based to this day.

You can contact Doug Brady hi-fi by telephone 01925 828009 or through their contact page.