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Your hifi system

Your hifi

If you love listening to music in whatever form or format then we at Sonneteer have the right solution for you. We have put together a few system combinations to help you decide the best path for you. Split into three categories we have put together combinations for you if your are a, vinyl lover, CD lover or a general music lover.

Vinyl lovers

Classic hifi

For lovers of Vinyl we at Sonneteer recommend three systems for you.Perfectly crafted separates, matched to maximise performance.

Boutique currently only available in the UK

Vinyl Lovers Option 1.

If you just want to listen to your records in their unadulterated form then this is the set up for you. The Sonneteer Alabaster and the Sonneteer Sedley in its purest form.

The Alabaster with its straight through pre-amplifier and the Sedley in its standard guise this set up gives you true Audiophile analogue performance.

Vinyl Lovers Option 2.

If you love your vinyl and would also like to keep a digital copy of you LPs recorded using a high quality phono stage then this option is for you. Similar to option 1 above with the addition of the USB option to your Sedley phono stage.

The SedleyUSB plugs into your computer be it Laptop, PC or MAC and you can record directly from your records onto your computer.

The Sedley USB is also a high quality DAC. This means you can playback any digital music be it recorded or streamed through your computer on your hi-fi system.

Vinyl Lovers Option 3.

Taking performance to a slightly higher level in both clarity and detail, this option pairs the SedleyUSB with the Sonneteer Orton dual mono fully integrated amplifier.

Clarity, subtlety and total control is delivered via a couple of Sonneteer’s finest examples of audio engineering.

CD lovers

For lovers of CD listening we at Sonneteer recommend two systems for you. Again perfectly crafted separates, matched to maximise performance.

Boutique currently only available in the UK

CD Lovers Option 1.

Orton and Byron with Bard systemThis system combines the raw purity of the Alabaster integrated amplifier with the Byron CD player bringing esoteric amplification and the legendary natural sound of the Byron together.

CD Lovers Option 2.

In the second option we replace the Alabaster with the Orton, dual mono integrated amplifier bringing with it extra refinement and exceptional sonic clarity.

Music lovers

For those of you who love your Music from a number of formats we have put together three recommended systems for you.

Boutique currently only available in the UK

Music Lovers Option 1.

This system combines the Alabaster integrated amplifier with the Byron CD player and the Sedley phono stage, essential for your vinyl playback, bringing pure esoteric amplification and the two legendary natural sound sources together.

Music Lovers Option 2.

Our second recommendation ads the USB connection option to the Sedley allowing you to record your records onto your computer and also to playback all your recorded, streamed or downloaded digital music through your hifi.

Music Lovers Option 3.

The third option we have chosen for you replaces the Alabaster in option 2 above with the Orton, dual mono integrated amplifier for exceptional sonic clarity.

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